A Channel Manager it is a software platform that connect properties and property owners to holiday rental sites and on line travel agencies (OTAs) from one place.

At a first stage, a channel Manager connection distributes photos and property details to chosen sales partners, allowing property information to be uploaded on different distribution channels.

Secondly, the Channel Manager connection distributes, in real time, property latest prices and availability to chosen sales partners eliminating the risk of double bookings. When a booking is received from either of the distribution channels, the channel manager blocks the availability on all the other channels instantly. The booking details are sent directly to the property management system including the guest's details.

VR Manager Pro, has a powerful channel manager included in his main functionalities allowing property owners to promote and distribute their properties easily and automatically for more than 40 distribution channels.
The benefits of working with a Channel Manager are the following:

  • Increased property promotion and distribution on tons of holiday rental sites and on line travel agencies;
  • Less time and effort updating all property distribution channels. It is automatic with a channel manager;
  • Avoid overbookings;
  • Real time and update information in one dashboard about property availability, inquiries, reservations and bookings.
The property need to be registered on all the channels that the property owner chooses to work with. We help the property owner with the registration, set-up and integration on distribution channels for free. We just need property information (name, address, description, number of rooms, max. persons), high quality photos, rates, amenities, name and email of the owner. We will support you on all the process during a quick phone call/skype call.
You have a lot of alternatives to customize your website! It is possible to insert banners to web pages, add promotions to yours ajax banners, add subtitles to your pictures, create new webpages, add pictures to the body of your web pages, change the font size & colours displayed in your webpages and a lot of more options.
With VR Manager Pro it is possible to create Twitter and Facebook promotions, share your offers within blogs and newsletters, share your pictures to Flickr. You may also, increase your Twitter Community, track and follow your potential guests and define scheduled tweets.
Yes, VR Manager Pro accept all credit cards
VR Manager Pro aggregate all your management information in one dashboard, so you can have all your tools to take informed decisions regarding your rates and promotions. The dashboard displays information on bookings, reservations and website visits in a graphic and user friendly way.
Yes, you can have until 10 properties. We will support you on all the process during a quick phone call/skype call.
VR Manager Pro offers a free 3 months’ trial to allow property owners to try and measure the benefits of working with the software platform.