Terms and Conditions

Welcome to VR Manager Pro!

Before accessing and using the services made available by Assunteficaz on www.vrmanagerpro.com, please carefully read these Terms & Conditions of Use (T&C), since they establish the site terms of registry and the conditions under which the service is provided.

The registry on the site and the service provided by the VR Manager Pro depend on the total acceptance of these conditions, therefore, any user who does not agree or compromise to behave accordingly may not use the referred service.

Thus, each property owner or representative who is effectively a user of VR Manager Pro, is assumed to have read and completely understood the T&C and has accepted them.

VR Manager Pro reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior warning, the T&C (partially or totally) and any new version of the T&C enters into force after its publication on www.vrmanagerpro.com. Finally, Assunteficaz also reserves the possibility of disrupting or even terminating www.vrmanagerpro.com services, at any time, if necessary or convenient.

1. Who are we?

Assunteficaz works on developing and selling a specific software to the management and distribution of property rental business (“short term rental”) directed to nonprofessional owners.

In general, this software is a modular tool that comprehends the following functionalities: Channel Manager, Website Builder, Booking System and Online Promotion Tools.

The software distribution is an online service, through an Saas (Software as a Service) regime.

Assunteficaz is neither an intermediary, nor a business mediator between Client and User.

2. Term definition

Assunteficaz” is defined as the company that is dedicated to the research and development of the software intended to make available managing, distribution and promotion tools for property rental reservations.

Client” is defined as the individual who owns properties for rental, available through the software.

Intellectual Property Rights” are all rights related to scientific works, inventions within every area of the human activity, scientific breakthroughs, drawings, industrial models, industrial, commercial and service brands and also related to the protection against disloyal competition, as well as all other rights inherent to the intellectual activity within the industrial and scientific areas.

The “Parties” are Assunteficaz and the User.

Vr Manager Pro” is defined as the platform, developed by Assunteficaz, that manages, distributes and promotes properties, whose distribution and use are subjected to the present T&C.

User” is defined as the acquirer of the software, that is, the property owner/its representative(s) and the workers who use it for their professional activity.

3. Registry and access to the software

To access the software functionalities the future User must:

  1. Register as User to have a User account associated;
  2. Complete the setup of the property;
  3. Integrate with their distribution channels;
  4. Integrate with their social networks.

3.1. Registry

Only property owners and/or representatives duly legalised/authorised for the effect can be registered on VR Manager Pro site.

Assunteficaz is not responsible for any event resultant from the lack of authorization and legal capacity of the Users.

Mandatory information for registering:

  • Name of the property owner and/or representative;
  • Email;
  • Telephone.

When registering, the future User must provide accurate, precise and truthful information and takes on the responsibility to update them whenever a change occurs. The User guarantees and answers for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of the registered data and Assunteficaz does not take on the responsibility for their veracity or correction.

Each VR Manager Pro User is identified by their name, email and password. The latter is received after registry and mandatorily changed in the first access. In no circumstance, can the email provided resemble VR Manager Pro name.

3.2. Access

After the User account is created, its termination is made by denunciation by any of the parties and communicated by email with a minimum advance of 30 days.

Each reservation has an associated price, which will be paid by wire transfer, or through any payment service available on www.vrmanagerpro.com.

4. Use of the software

4.1. Constraints

  1. The software is made available and can only be used for professional purposes.
  2. The software user licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable.
  3. The User is strictly forbidden of:
    1. Using the software for commercial purposes;
    2. Distributing or redistributing the software;
    3. Publicly presenting the software;
    4. Publishing, modifying, adapting or translating any part of the software;
    5. Selling, renting or sub-licencing part or the totality of the software.
  4. The User is also strictly forbidden of, in any way, reverse engineering, creating derived works, decompiling or disassembling any part of the software.

4.2. Account and properties

Each User can only have one account on VR Manager Pro, with a maximum limit of 10 (ten) properties per User, and each VR Manager Pro account can only be associated to a single User.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

The software Intellectual Property Rights belong to Assunteficaz and are protected under the applicable legislation, namely the Decree-law 252/94 of the 20th October, relating the Juridical Protection Regime of Computer Programs, as well as under the Community Directives and International Treaties.

Therefore, it is forbidden any integral or partial reproduction and/or representation, utilization, adaptation or modification of the software or any component, in whatever support, whatever way, for other purpose, namely commercial.

6. Confidentiality

The User is obliged to keep any personal or commercial data in utter and total confidentiality, even when these do not read confidential, all available information to which they have access when purchasing the software.

By protected or confidential information is assumed all information that, regardless of the used support, consists of technical and nontechnical information, financial, commercial or technological, namely: intellectual and industrial property, know-how, conclusions, business models, work models, commercial secrets, studies, formulas, methods, drafts, drawings, photography, prototype samples, models, financial and technological data and information relating, direct or indirectly, the software, or any other commercial, juridical and/or fiscal element, or any information relating the software that is distributed in any way.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties

The User explicitly accepts that:

  1. The software utilization is the User’s responsibility;
  2. Assunteficaz does not provide any guarantee regarding:
    1. The software meeting the User’s demands;
    2. The software exemption of mistakes;
    3. Security, reliability, updating or performance of the software;
    4. The correction of any error in the software.
  3. No advice or information, written or spoken, given by the VR Manager Pro or other to the User can present as a guarantee not explicitly referred in these T&C.

8. Limits of the Responsibility

The User understands and explicitly agrees that Assunteficaz cannot be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, unexpected or especial, resulting from the software utilization.

9. Cookies

In www.vrmanagerpro.com, Assunteficaz resorts to the use of cookies in order to improve and make clearer the use of the software oriented to the distribution management of rental properties (“short term rental”) to be used by nonprofessional owners.

Cookies also allow the software to acknowledge the User and provide for a positive browsing experience. When using the software, the User accepts that Assunteficaz may use cookies for those purposes.

Cookies exist in small text files set in access devices by the User, with their permission.

Our cookies have different functions:

Cookies can be:

Permanent Cookies: Stored, for a variable period of time, at the browser level in your access devices (Pc, mobile, tablet) and are used whenever the user visits the website. They are usually used to direct the browsing according to the user’s interests, allowing us to provide a customized service.

Session Cookies – Temporary. Stay in the cookies of your browser until you leave the website. The collected information allows identifying any problems and providing a better browsing experience.

How to manage cookies?

As explained, cookies help making the most of our website.

The average browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely by selecting the most appropriate definitions in the software.

After authorizing the use of cookies, the user may deactivate part or the totality of our cookies.

10. Privacy Policy

All information or personal data given by the User to VR Manager Pro is stored in servers external to VR Manager Pro, so-called of high security.

Assunteficaz will take all necessary measures to keep confidentiality and security as described in this clause. However, Assunteficaz will not be held responsible for damage resultant from the violation of these measures by third parties, using public networks or the internet, undermining the security systems to access Users’ information.

Assunteficaz values its Users’ privacy and, therefore, is committed to respect it guaranteeing secrecy and protection of the data registered by Users.

The privacy policy adopted by Assunteficaz intends to assure Users with Security and Privacy conditions, thus the data asked and collected is the necessary one to provide the service, according to the explicit conditions in the online commerce platform.

Users are free to access their data, rectify or eliminate it, through an expressed request sent to Assunteficaz or to support@vrmanagerpro.com.

Assunteficaz takes on the following commitments with Users:

  • To treat data in a licit and loyal way, only collecting the necessary information;
  • To allow the data holder the access and correction of the registered information;
  • To keep the data accurate and, if necessary, updated;
  • To guarantee, with no charge, the right to eliminate the used data when requested by the holder;
  • To have security mechanisms that prevent the consult, modification, destruction or addition of the data by an unauthorized person.

10.1. Privacy Policy – Collection of identification data

The User’s identification data collection will be made through the online registry and will occur in compliance with the most restrict security rules.

Regardless being a collective or singular person, providing the User’s identification data will be made as follows:

When registering, Users have to provide name, email and telephone.

When individual user (namely independent worker), the collected data is inserted in the information system, where it will be automatically treated and processed within the terms approved by the National Commission of Data Protection (Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados, CNPD), being the data only for VR Manager Pro service management purposes.

In the terms of the law, the rectification or annulation of any personal information is assured. As to no longer be part of the VR Manager Pro data base, the User may exercise that right through the communication channels available in the site.

10.2. Preserving personal information

After collecting the individual personal information that you willingly transmitted, Assunteficaz will proceed to its preservation and maintenance until asked otherwise or the law demands its elimination. The preservation of this information allows us to continue providing the service and the optimization of the site utilization.

Assunteficaz neither sells, nor rents to third parties any personal data sent by the site Users.

11. Notifications

Users agree to receive, in their registry associated email, newsletters and notifications relating the software, including eventual alterations to the present T&C.

12. Sanctions

Without prejudice of other measures, Assunteficaz can advert, suspend or cancel, temporarily or definitively, a User’s account at any time and initiate correspondent legal actions if:

    1. The User does not comply with any disposition of these T&C and other Assunteficaz policies;
    2. The User does not comply with their User’s duties;
    3. The User attempts any fraudulent or wrongful action;
    4. If the User’s identity cannot be verified or any information is given incorrectly;
    5. If Assunteficaz considers that any User’s conduct may have cause damage to a third party or to VR Manager Pro, or has potential to.

    In case of non-qualification of the User’s registry all services already provided are automatically cancelled.

    13. System Failures

    It is forbidden the use of any device, or other resource, that may interfere with the activities or operations of the provided software. The person responsible for any intromission or attempt of, or any activity that violates or contradicts the intellectual property laws and/or the prohibitions stipulated in these T&C will be subject to the correspondent legal actions, as well as the sanctions hereby foreseen. They will also be held accountable for indemnities for eventual damages.

    Assunteficaz cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or loss in the User’s equipment caused by software, server or internet failure. Assunteficaz will also not be responsible for any virus that may affect the User’s equipment in the result of the software utilization. Users cannot hold Assunteficaz accountable for, nor demand payment of lost profit, when these losses result from technical difficulties or software or internet failure. Assunteficaz guarantees software access and continuous or without disruption use. Eventually, the software may not be available for technical reasons or internet failure or for any other circumstance foreign to Assunteficaz.

    14. Partial Invalidity

    If any disposition of the T&C is considered invalid or unenforceable, for any reason or to any extent, that invalidity or unenforceability will not affect, in any way, nor will make the remain dispositions in the T&C invalid or unenforceable and the application of that disposition will be made to the extent of the permitted by law.

    15. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

    The present T&C are subject to the Portuguese Law and for any emerging issue the parts elect the court of the Judicial District of Oporto, in Portugal.

    I have read and understood the terms and conditions above written, and I accept them.