“VR Pro has given me the tools to take my property management into a new level. I have got direct bookings on my website, including from facebook friends of friends. All very simple and quick to use. And I like the fact I only pay if I get bookings - that's fair.”

Miguel Pessanha

Blue House

“VR Pro has not only given us automatic access to a lot of channels, but also helped me understand which channels are worth investing in. I was worried that I depended solely on 2 channels to generate my bookings. With VR Pro, the largest channel represents only around 30% of my total bookings.”

Hugo Macedo

Lisbon Apartment

“Since we started using VR Pro everything comes smooth and easy: we gained online exposure on multiple channels and actually saved time while we did it. In the first couple of months, we got 6 new bookings from new channels, including 1 direct booking on our website. VR Pro is the tool that allowed me to maximize my own online distribution. The return is way beyond my expectations.”

Keith Povah

Casa Desa